A new simple, yet powerful app to analyze the status of your personal finances.

I created this web-based software project over a few weekends for friends and family.

It includes an automated reader of Bank Statements and some cool Interactive visualisations of Investments, Cash Accounts, Expenses, Income, and Net Worth.


The first data-driven and open-source tool for analysis of the energy demand of buildings, cities, states and climate zones in the United States.

I created this software project as part of my research work at the Future Cities Laboratory.

The tool is based on a deep neural network, a hierarchical bayesian regression model, and data of >500k buildings, 96 cities, 14 climate zones, >800 weather stations across the USA


The first open-source tool for the analysis of urban energy systems in buildings and districts.

It was a great product of my doctoral dissertation at the ETH Zurich

The tool is built on multi-physics models of solar radiation, building physics, thermodynamics, and more.

Today, the CEA is maintained by a network of developers from institutions such as ETH Zurich, MIT, POLIMI, TU-Munich, and more.