Dr. Jimeno A. Fonseca


I am Jimeno, engineer, scientist and agile coach of research projects specialized on the development of buildings and infrastructure systems.

Together with government authorities and scholars, I develop new insights on how to optimize the performance of buildings and their infrastructure.

The end goal is that cities can drastically decrease their use of natural resources such as energy, water, materials, and land, while enhancing their economic competitiveness.

My career is devoted to finding affordable, efficient and robust lines of action that facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and resilient built environment.

I am confident that data science combined with strong technical principles and systems thinking will help us to achieve this goal.

Connect with me to shape the agenda of future buildings and infrastructure systems in cities.


Areas of Interest:

  • Data-driven modeling of spatial patterns of energy consumption in cities and regions.

  • Applications of agile management and systems thinking in complex urbanisation projects.

  • Optimisation of resilience and sustainability targets for the design of buildings and infrastructure systems.

  • Cross-sectorial decision support systems for urban energy infrastructure design.

  • Digitalisation and transfer-learning processes for buildings and districts.

  • Vulnerability in critical urban infrastructure systems.

A proud member of:

  • INCOSE International Council on Systems engineering (est. 2019)

  • COST Action RESTORE - Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy (est. 2018)

  • The Department of Modeling and Simulation of UCC (est. 2017)

  • The Future Cities Laboratory of the ETH Zurich (est. 2016)

  • The Developers of the City Energy Analyst (est. 2016)

  • The Chair of Architecture and Buildings Systems of ETH Zurich (est. 2012)